Whenever possible Brugge Cheese uses sustainable packagings, which are also functional and affordable. Less plastic, more recycled materials. Just like we continue to refine the taste of our cheeses, we also keep searching for more environment-friendly packagings. We also limit the packaging used for transport to a minimum. Less plastic in transit, that also makes a difference. Quite a bit, in fact.

Less plastic in 3 steps.



Packaging can always be upgraded, become more sustainable. That is why we are always looking for better and more ecological solutions. By searching for the thinnest packaging material, for instance. In terms of packaging we spare every single kilogram we can, without compromising on quality, taste and shelf life. And naturally we opt for 100% recyclable packaging by taking into account the type of plastic, purity, colour, etc. Empty packaging? Thanks for helping us recycle! We like to make recycling easier for you. For instance, the outside packaging of our slices of cheese can be torn off from the inner packaging and both can be thrown into the PMD bag. Very practical. 

In addition to thinner and recyclable packagings we also focus on the presence of recyclate. This means the packaging contains a percentage of recycled plastic.

Take our slice packaging and our cups: they already consist of 80% and 83% recycled material respectively. Something to be proud of.



En route we use as little packaging material as possible. For instance, milk trucks collect the milk directly from our cattle farmers. In addition, the transport from the cheese making facility to the cheese cutting facility is done using mobile racks that are constantly reused. In fact, a sheet of paper is all we need to ensure clean and safe transport.
And as for distribution to shops and wholesalers, most of our crates are reusable.



Continuous research, continuous upgrading.

Together with Pack4Food and other research institutions we support the research into more sustainable packaging. For instance, the CIRCOPACK project provides companies with the necessary know-how and tools to gear their packaging policy to the circular economy as closely as possible without impacting the functionality and safety of their packagings. A genuine win-win.

Within the scope of this project we have also commissioned several LCA studies into innovative cheese packagings. Such an LCA or Life Cycle Analysis maps out the overall environmental impact and tells us which packaging is the most sustainable.